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Earthly Botanical Leave-In Conditioners

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Ocean Min. Spray Ocean Mineral Spray Ocean Mineral Spray
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Ocean Mineral Spray Hair and Skin Conditioning Spray (pH: 3.5-4.5)

An exclusive blend of Sea Minerals, Aloe Vera, and natural conditioners for hair & skin!! Use Ocean Mineral Spray to add conditioning and moisture to your dry locks or soothe away chapped, dry skin. Improves hair elasticity and smoothness. You can feel the difference!


Application: Spray liberally and as often as desired to dry or wet hair. Excellent for skin rehydration. Use as often as desired to help prevent moisture loss.


AloeMoist AloeMoist Moisturizing Mist AloeMoist Moisturizing Mist
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AloeMoist  Moisturizing Mist Hair & Skin Moisturizing Mist (pH : 3.5-4.5)

This exquisite & weightless leave on moisturizer for hair or skin. From DE-tangling hair to moisturizing, AloeMoist Moisturizing Mist does it all. Enriched with Aloe Vera and our proprietary botanical blend, Aloe Moist Moisturizing Mist is your sure cure for dry hair or chapped, sun burned skin.


Application: Spray liberally as often as needed to hair,skin and face. Apply on dry or wet hair. Excellent for De-tangling and re-hydrating hair. Use for sunbathing and In-door tanning beds (before and after full body spray) to help prevent moisture loss.


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